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Brecon Powys

Moccas Herefordshire

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“……..Congratulations Theresa and Stan!  The recent dance weekend in Malvern went flawlessly and exceeded the already high standard of last year's event in Torquay.

Set in a quality environment and very well attended by a friendly and enthusiastic group of dancers, the evening social dances went with a real swing featuring a balanced mix of Ballroom, Latin, Jive and Sequence dancing to a great choice of music which couldn't fail to make everyone want to get onto the dance floor.

The content of the workshops was stimulating, well thought out, carefully constructed and equally well taught and demonstrated with ample time devoted to helping participants with any difficulties. The routines taught had been knowledgeably put together such as to be well within the capabilities of the group.

Great value. More please!…..”

Neville Selwood

“……..Dancing is brilliant and has been a great thing for us to do as a couple. We’ve learnt so much from Theresa and Stan and made new friends in the process ! .…..”

Tess ( Brecon class )

“……..We tentatively returned to dancing after a 30 year gap and tried Theresa’s class in Brecon. We needn’t have been nervous at all as we were made very welcome by Theresa, Stan and the other pupils.

Theresa’s clear and patient style of teaching worked wonders and it was surprising how quickly the 30 year gap melted away.

Highly recommended .…..”

Lynne and Nick Tolhurst


“……..Theresa and Stan are very dedicated and loyal dance teachers. Theresa is always very enthusiastic about her dance classes. Theresa and Stan always give great encouragement to help you achieve your best at dance class .…..”

Jane and Bryan ( Brecon class )